Our story began in 1971 in a small carpenter workshop …

Metin BEZİRCİ blended his skills in drawing and design with his determination. He gave 35 tears of his life to his career. He became one of the leading names in the furniture sector based on furniture design and manufacture.

He was always revered for his designs. He established Messt Furniture in order to display his designs. Turning it into a family enterprise, he ventured into merchandizing with his wife and children.

Metin BEZİRCİ has always been a skillful master who never compromised on honesty, always performed his profession with joy, injected an artistic spirit in his designs and blended his carving and lamination work with quality.

If you too would like to challenge time with your furniture, please visit our store to make your home a more special place that contributes to your happiness.